This website is really valuable website and all informations are available for students,teachers and parents. so i expect more informations should be available day by day in this website.
Abhaya Kumar Champati
24 Aug 2011
Students of different classes will be benefited from this website. The teachers are requested to upload more assignments for students and evaluate the answers done by the students.
Deepak Kumar Pradhan
24 Aug 2011
I am awestruck by the web site. It is really very good & resourse full. I don't have words to say about such an excellent site...... Students, Teachers & Parents will surely benefited if visit it regularly .......But it would be difficult to access by rural Parents, Students, Even if by Teachers also , as places are there having no network coverage to just make a call then think about internet ........ Last but not least....... when our esteemed madam Aparajita Sarangi was in School & Mass Education Department all the teacher are sincere , punctual ...that was good time for me & for all i believe.....
Asit Mirdha
28 Mar 2012
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