What is OERP?
Orissa Education Resource Portal (OERP) is an ambitious project planned for providing knowledge to masses on a web based platform through a Central Monitoring System.
How it is Unique?
OERP is a platform which will help in bridging the Digital & Knowledge Divide among Urban/Rural population.
Who are eligible to access?
The Odisha Education Resource Portal (OERP) is an initiative to congregate all the available resources under one umbrella to facilitate the Teachers, Students & Parents.
What are the features and benefits of OERP?
It is one stop solution bringing the entire education to a close platform with vast repository of knowledge in text, audio & video format. Bi-lingual contents, Help Manuals, References, and Interactive Assessments are some of the main features of OERP.
How can a user use the contents of the portal?
To access the contents of the portal; all students, teachers and parents can create their own Login details by clicking on New User link. For further clarification, Sitemap can be referred to.
How to access the site in Odiya language?
For using the site in Odiya language, it is advisable to download Odiya font in the system for better results.
How do I post articles?
A student after entering his/her login Id can post articles through their profiles. These articles are shared with all other users of the portal.
How can I get the Sample papers from the website?
For students of different class, Sample papers are available on the portal relating to different subjects. These can be downloaded after a Student enters into the site with his/her Login Id.
How can I appear for Online Test?
As a student; under his/her login account, one can also appear online tests to check their performance in any particular subject of their respective class.
What if, I give an Idea?
All Students, Teachers and Parents can contribute their Ideas for the betterment of educational system in Odisha and the best Idea will be published in the site on a monthly basis.
Is the information Confidential?
Yes, we are interested in maintaining your privacy and creating a valuable resource for you to use.
Can I use the information found on this website for further purposes?
No, the contents of the portal are collected strictly for the usage of OERP users. Thus, any commercial use of the same is denied.
Does any payment required for access to the contents of the site?
No, any kind of fee or payment is not required to be given for accessing the information as given in the website. The project has been undertaken by the Odisha State government to develop outlook on a world prospective for Students, Teachers and Parents of Odisha.
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