Best idea from Teachers
Musical Education in Primary Schools
The children are lovers of Music. So musical education system must be started from primary class in the schools .In each school one music teacher should be appointed.
Shared By: Dipti Sundar Mohapatra, SARANGAPUR PROJECT PS
Best idea from Parents
Insufficient Teachers
There are no teachers for each class in the Primary and Upper Primary Schools present in both Village and Towns. So Teaching Process is hampering. If the Government has aimed to educate each child then to appoint sufficient teachers in all schools in comparison to no of classes and students should be the first and important duty of the government.
Shared By: Debendra Lenka,
Best idea from Students
Awards For Effort
Instead of only awarding the top performers, present certificates throughout the year as well as at the end of the year for effort. These certificates can recognize students who struggled in a subject but didn't give up and eventually improved their performance.
Shared By: Soubhagya Ranjan Behera, SARASWATI SISHU MANDIR
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